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When you start business and prepare products to send to Amazon, you need to follow some packaging and labeling guidelines according to the policy of Amazon. Verify products before dispatch if they are not according to the requirements, Amazon may return back towards you or repack them by deducting some extra charges.

If you are a businessman and want to improve the graph of sales, focus on the preparation of stock. It will take considerable time and struggle. Due to a busy schedule, many people choose to use prep centers for Amazon to organize their business.

Read this piece of content to get knowledge about the services of Prep center amazon and to understand what features we need to consider before selection of prep center.

Prep Center for Amazon
Prep Center for Amazon
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What Is Amazon Preparation Center?

Amazon’s preparation center provides a smooth system that helps you prepare and manage your stock according to Amazon standards and ship it to fulfillment centers.
The most important services offered by the prep centers are verification & checking of the product, bubble wrapping, labeling, Packaging, and shipping. Due to a shortage of time, some businessmen assign this duty to prep centers where experienced staff help to pack, label, and ship the products to the Amazon fulfillment center in UK.
The prep center’s services include sorting, bubble wrapping, bagging, labeling, Packaging, shipping, tracking, returning, and restocking.

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How Does Prep Center for Amazon Work?

Sending inventory through the prep center is recommended; their experts will help you to prepare your stock in a better way.

Stages to ship inventory to Amazon through prep center

The vendor sends products to the prep center

As a businessman, you need to assign a supplier to ship your inventory to the prep center. In this process, they allocate a special code with the address label. With the help of this code, verification of shipment will be easy at the time of arrival.


The seller generates a shipping strategy

As you have an account an Amazon Seller account, choose the shipping plan and create one for your inventory; add the prep center address in the destination section, details of each product, and quantity.


Seller provides complete details of shipment

You will need to inform the prep center which type of inventory is coming and product details like UPC, product model number, necessary documents, special handling instructions tracking information, and Amazon product ID (ASIN)


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Prepare product according to Amazon guideline

The prep center properly inspects inventory to make sure it is according to Amazon's requirements and labeled with UPC and FNSKU barcodes for future tracking. The next step is Packaging, organizing, and packing for shipment to Amazon fulfillment, providing complete details to the seller in the form of a report for transparent delivery.


After finishing these tasks, you will be confident now your products are in safe hands. Then prep center ships to the Amazon fulfillment center for further process.


Which services are offered by Online Prep?

If you are a businessman, you find a service to save your time and want to sidestep efforts to fulfill Amazon’s requirements. Prep Online will provide you with exclusive services.

We receive your inventory, unpack it, and inspect it to check items for any damage and quality according to Amazon standards.

We label products according to Amazon labeling guidelines. FNSKU is a label that is necessary for product verification before and after shipping. By adding this label, Amazon can track and manage stock. It also helps to ensure the right products are shipped to the right customer.

Sellers should ensure that their products are securely packaged in appropriate packaging materials to prevent damage during storage and transit.

For better Packaging, Prep Online uses strong cardboard boxes and bubble wraps to protect delicate items from damage, packing tape, or poly bags. Above all, we take care to pack your products according to FBA guidelines.

If we have similar products we can make a single package for multiple items. This step is especially offered to save your time and effort. We can handle special products due to dimensions, material etc. We strictly follow guidelines for hazardous or delicate materials.

Operative inventory management helps to optimize the process, reduce cost, and improve profitability. We offer effective inventory management to identify new trends, monitor stock, and maximize efficiency in average cost.

Once everything is prepped, labeled, and properly packed, we will deliver the shipment to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Prep Center for Amazon

What features do we need to consider before selecting a prep center?

Different prep centers are working in the market with the best services however not all of them can optimize your business. So before selection of prep center you need to have some special criteria in your mind.

You need to spend money if you have a short product shipping distance. So location is an important factor in saving your money. For example, if you often source inventory from overseas, try to find a prep center near the port to avoid any inconvenience.

First of all, determine which type of services a prep center offers; this may include receiving, inspecting, Packaging, labeling, shipping, etc. Make sure the prep center accommodates your business needs.

Every prep center offers a variety of services at different costs, some of them fixed monthly payments or some per item. You need to decide which prep center is better according to your budget. Also, inquire about prep center works with which shipping carrier checks out the rate and discounts before selection.

Prep Center, with an online system, operates well in the market. You can track and get your shipment details at any time. The online interface of order is the most convenient option for vendors or customers.

Reach Prep Online to get assistance.

If you want to find a reliable prep center for Amazon, you can start your search online by typing best prep centers near me. You can check reviews and feedback to get an idea of the experience. Contact them to communicate if you feel satisfied with the expert discussion, and you can process your order.
Our advanced mechanism is more efficient; the tool instantly tells you if any product is restricted or has any problem shipping.

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