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Are you an experienced seller looking to scale your business and outsource your operations to focus on what really matters? If so, we’re here to help.
Prep online for FBA SELLERS

What does our exclusive Amazon FBA prep centre & service look like?


We offer a quick turnaround time and guaranteed shipment within 48 hours that will enable you to scale your business with ease.

Let us handle the critical shipment creation process for you!

Excellent customer support
Our trained, knowledgeable, and helpful customer support team uses Slack to communicate with you throughout to address any concerns.
Minimal interaction
We also aim for our service to be a passive solution that requires minimal interaction.

The Prep Online process

Our streamlined, hands-off Amazon FBA service is exceptionally efficient and covers the entire process
Let’s take a look at how this process plays out.


Your stock is first sent to our prep centre and assigned by an account manager. After which, simply use our online inventory tracker to notify us of your purchase.


Once our FBA warehouse receives your stock, we perform an audit to make sure there are no missing or damaged units. If discrepancies are found, we will notify you and provide evidence.


With permissioned access to the “Manage Inventory” section of Seller Central, we create and manage the FBA shipment workflow for your items. Please note that permissioned access does not give us access to your sensitive personal/business information.

We then complete the necessary prep, audit your items once more, and ready the shipment for delivery to Amazon.


Once a final audit has been performed, your shipment is sent to Amazon via UPS. We offer next-day UPS dispatch if stock is received before 10 am (1000 units maximum).

You will receive a notification once the stock is dispatched.


Your journey with our FBA prep centre is more or less complete! An invoice for FBA services rendered is sent monthly.

FBA Priority Member Service

Our FBA prep centre in Wembley also offers a customised service for professional sellers with the following features:
FBA prep center UK

Exclusive deal tickets

For experienced Amazon FBA sellers, we also offer exclusive deal tickets. If you purchase a deal ticket from our FBA centre, you receive a free prep!

Why should you work with Prep Online?

Amazon stock storage center UK
Convenient, secure location

Our facility is located in an excellent area of London with easy access from the M1 and A406. For your peace of mind, your stock is fully insured and is subject to 24/7 surveillance.

Our staff are also bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to prevent product hijacking.

Prep Online FBA prep Service
Industry experience

We possess extensive industry knowledge of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) packaging and labelling. Our industry experience allows us to not only understand your needs but anticipate them ahead of time.

Prep Online Amazon FBA Service

We offer short and long-term inventory storage options and are also very flexible in terms of delivery receival.

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